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Holidays in Milos

At Adamas, the port of the island, hotel Portiani is built with very nice architecture and amenities. It overlooks the edge of the harbor next to the beach and the port, but also has direct access to the market of Milos. Hotel Portiani is nearby the airport and only 5 minutes on foot from the passenger port.


Milos is the capital of western Cyclades management from Syros. The residents have all the features of the island temperament. Involved with agriculture, animal husbandry, mining and the sea, which played an important role in occupations of the locals. Milos has an unusual shape due to the volcanic terrain. Barren landscape and thirsty, without green vegetation and colors, but with the unique colors of rocks, the beauty of unusual sculptures of nature, the colors of sea and sand combinations that will leave you speechless.

The name comes probably from the round shape resembling to an apple, Milo in Greek. There is also a myth that stems from ancient times and is associated with the first resident of the island, named Milos. The tale unfolds with a young man called Milos, who originally lived on Delos and at some point was found in Crete. He was best friend with king Kinyra, and was eventually married to his daughter. The legend says that Milos was so closed to Adonis that when Adonis died, Milos was hanged on a tree called Milia (apple tree). The goddess Venus was touched by the event, so turned Milos to the fruit and his wife into a pigeon. And their son, who was also called Milos, was sent by the goddess in a beautiful island somewhere in the southern Cyclades, to live in.

According to other traditions the man named Milos was associated with the Phoenicians of Paphos, and came to the island at the instigation of the goddess Aphrodite.

Organize your holidays in Milos and we are sure that you won't regret for your choice!

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