Milos, a Greek island with many landscapes of rare natural beauty and unique mineral resource, has a multidimensional geological form. You can discover all these beauties through the geo-trails planned by Miloterranean Geo Experience (, a project of “Milos Mining Museum”. Miloterranean point out Milos as an international geotourism destination, displaying the geological characteristics of the island through 7 selected geotrails. Each trip is a tour of geological time, nature and history of the island and invites the traveler to explore another "hidden" side of Milos. The routes that have been marked on the island are presented through elaborate descriptive texts as well as detailed maps.

Hot Springs: Milos is a volcanic island and therefore has warm soils and hot springs. From all the thermal springs of Milos, the spring of Lakkos in Adamas which is in a cave, has been known as a thermal spa with healing properties. The water of the Lakos spring consists of degenerative osteoarthropathies, myalgia & neuralgia. Thermal baths run from 15 July to 15 October from 7am to 1pm.


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