Milos is an island that is suitable for those who love to do many activities during holidays. On α daily basis, small excursion boats depart from the port of Adamas for a long round of the island, lasting 9-10 hours or a small round, lasting 6 hours or 3 hours (depend). They make stops for swimming at many beaches of the island and finally arrive to Kimolos Island for lunch. In this way you will have the chance to see the beautiful beaches of Gerondas (elder man), Kleftiko, Gerakas, Theiorihia and some others. From Polonia there is a daily connection to Kimolos by open type ferry boats (slippers) or by small boats.

In recent years, Canoe kayak is very popular on the island of Milos as there is a great demand on this water sport because of the beautiful beaches and the calm waters. Beside canoe kayak, a lot of people are interested in scuba diving due to many shipwrecks in Milos’ sea. Wind surfing has started to win place in the island's water activities with the main beach of Achivadolimni as a base for the fanatics of this sport. Flying above the island with a light type airplane is a new activity that impresses the visitors. As well to the flight, a visit to the organized land of Arkefthos with lush greenery is a very interesting activity for Milos’ visitors.


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